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Enrique Lizondo 562 Villa Portal del Estrecho II Punta Arenas Magallanes 6202739 cl

In general, the use of our rented vehicles is restricted to Chilean territory. However our company allows crossing border to Argentina, for which a special permit is required.

Should you hire a car in Punta Arenas and drop off the vehicle in El Calafate for example, you will be required to pay a One-way drop-off fee, as the vehicle will need to be returned to its original depot. 

The charges for the drop-off fees vary depending on your pickup and drop off city.

 We have the capability to respond to your requirements in a personalized way, according to your travel schedule for the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia.

Perito Moreno Glaciar at El Calafateaquí tu párrafo.


 ​DROP OFF                                                                   ONE WAY FEE.

The vehicle must be driven in Argentina, and should be returned to Chile by approved drivers. These drivers are those that are indicated in both, the lease and the corresponding customs form.

Our company will provide all documentation required for these effects. The return to Chilean territory must be made within the agreed time limits stipulated in the lease contract and any breach of these means that the renter must assume the costs and customs penalties applicable for normal return of our vehicle. aquí tu párrafo.